Our Donors

Gifts from people like you—our Patients, our Caregivers, our corporate partners, our friends,
and neighbors—are critical in our ability to make a difference every day for Patients at Sparrow.

Corporate Donors

The Sparrow Foundation is pleased to recognize the following Corporate Partners that contributed $2,500 or more in 2016. Our generous corporate friends who are also members of the Sparrow Philanthropist League (with cumulative giving of $10,000 or more) are designated by an * after their name. We are grateful for these partners in health and hope you will join us in thanking them for their investments in extraordinary care.

ACE Hardware Corporation *
Adventure Credit Union *
AF Group *
Agfa Healthcare *
Auto-Owners Insurance *
Azzi Jewelers *
Bergmann Associates *
Board of Water & Light *
Capital Area Muscle Car Club *
Capital Region Community Foundation *
Capital Steel & Wire, Inc. *
Capital Urological Associates *
CASE Credit Union *
CBRE/Martin *
Central Michigan Group, PC *
Centurion Medical Products, Inc. *
Children's Miracle Network *
Clark Construction Company *
Client Financial Services *
Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood *
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services *
Coverys Insurance Services *
Credit Unions For Kids *
Dart Foundation *
Dean Transportation *
Delta Dental Foundation *
Delta Dental Of Michigan, Inc. *
Dewpoint *
Dowding Industries, Inc. *
DTN Management Co. *
E. W. Sparrow Hospital Auxiliary *
Eagle Eye Crossing, LLC *
Emergency Medical Assoc. Pllc *
Epic *
Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan *
Feldman Chevrolet of Lansing *
Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, P.C. *
GlobalCare *
Granger Construction Co. *
Granger Foundation *
Great Lakes Vending Services *
Greater Lansing Building Trades *
Gunter Clausius Charitable Fund *
Gunthorpe Plumbing & Heating, Inc. *
Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital *
High 5ive The Drew Stanton Foundation *
Hobbs + Black Architects *
Jackson National Life Insurance Company *
Jerry & Lynne Granger Gift Fund *
JMI Laboratories *
John E. Green Company *
Kandler Reed Khoury & Muchmore *
Kaufman Hall & Associates, Inc. *
Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook *
Kositchek's *
Lansing Sanitary Supply, Inc. *
Local 4911, Amalgamated UAW *
Mary Free Bed Guild *
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation
Hospital *
Mary Magdalen League *
Maxwell C. Matthews Foundation *
Medawar Jewelers Frandor *
Meijer, Inc. *
Memorial Healthcare *
Mercantile Bank of Michigan *
Michigan Health & Hospital Association *
Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company *
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine *
Michigan State University Department of Athletics *
Michigan State University Federal Credit Union *
Mid-Michigan Mechanical Contractors Association *
Mid-Michigan MRI, Inc. *
Milliman *
MSU Department of Neurology & Ophthalmology *
NBS Commercial Interiors *
Neogen Corporation *
North Grand River Cooperative, Inc. *
PAR Rehab Services *
Physician Anesthesia Service *
Physicians Health Plan *
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 333 *
PNC Foundation *
ProAssurance Casualty Company *
Professional Employees Council of Sparrow Hospital *

Re/Max Real Estate Professionals- DeWitt *
SEI Investments Distribution Co. *
Sentinel Technologies *
Sigma Upsilon Charities *
Skytron *
Sparrow Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology *
Sparrow Hospital *
Sparrow Nurse Anesthetists *
Sparrow Service Auxiliary *
Sparrow Women's Board of Managers *
Spencer Spirit Holdings, Inc. *
Springer Prosthetic & Orthotic Services *
Summit Contractors, Inc. *
Superior Electric of Lansing *

TechSmith Corporation *
The Alfred & Frances Ross Foundation *
The Christman Company *
The Color Run LLC *
The Truly Thankful Fund *
Transaction Network Services Inc. *
Tri-Star Trust Bank *
Truscott Rossman *

Wal-Mart Foundation *
Warmels & Comstock, PLLC *
Wendy's *
Women's Council of Realtors, Greater Lansing *

Individual Donors

We are proud to recognize the individual donors who gave $1,000 or more to the Sparrow Foundation in 2016. Those generous friends who are also members of the Sparrow Philanthropist League (with cumulative giving of $10,000 or more) and the Circle of Sparrow are noted by the * following their name. To those listed below, and others that chose to make a gift to Sparrow in 2015, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your gifts are making a difference, every day.

Dr. Glen and Mrs. Margaret Ackerman *
Ms. Ruth A. Adams
The Honorable Donald and Mrs. Deborah Allen
Mr. Tom Amiss and Mrs. Mary Ellen Sheets *
Dr. John and Mrs. Alicia Armstrong *
Ms. Doris Asher *
Dr. Alan and Mrs. Deborah Atkinson *
Mr. Adam and Mrs. Haley Auvenshine *
Mrs. Patty and Mr John Barnas *
Mr. Wendell and Mrs. Marta Barron *
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Amy Basel
Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Ashley Batteen
Ms. Debra and Mr. Mike Batterbee
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Bethany Beauchine *
Mr. Alan Bergmann and Ms. Cinda Kosloski *
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Judith Birn *
Dr. O'Neil and Mrs. Saltia Biscette *
Ms. Margaret Bishop
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Lexcie Blockett *
Mr. Bill Bornor *
Ms. Yolanda Borrego
Ms. Carol J. Brannan *
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Michele Brannan *
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Anita Brett *
Mr. Darwin and Ms. Dawnetta
Brewster *
Mr. David and Mrs. Patricia Brogan *
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Christine Brogan *
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Sharon Bruner
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Lisa Bruun *
Mrs. Marian Brooks Bryant *
Mr. Kristopher and Mrs. Noelle Burak
Mr. Joseph J. Burzych
Mr. James and Mrs. Rishan Butler *
Mr. Dominic and Mrs. Molly Carbone *
Dr. Curtis and Mrs. Stacy Carl
Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Stella Cash *
Dr. Mark Castellani and Mrs. Lisa
Hildorf *
Dr. UshaSree Chamarthy *
Dr. Howard Chang and Dr. Patricia Kowalski *
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Hazel Chase
Mr. Craig Clarady
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Joanne Clark *
Mr. Gunter Clausius *
Mr. Glen Brough and Mrs. April Clobes *
Dr. Jason and Mrs. Melissa Cochran *
Mr. Mike Colby
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Lisa Cole *
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Paul Conn
Mr. James and Mrs. Patricia Croom *
Mrs. Dorothy Dale
Ms. Marguerite Danhof *
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Rebecca Dantonio
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Susan Davis *
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Nancy Deal
Mr. Kellie and Mrs. Marilyn Dean *
Mrs. Sarah and Mr. Jeffrey Demey
Dr. Gurmail and Mrs. Sue Dhaliwal *
Mr. Jon and Ms. Linda Dickinson
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Susan Dittrich
Mr. Alan Dominick
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Carol Dooley *
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Frances Downes *
Mr. George and Mrs. Betty Dush
Dr. Douglas and Reverend Barbara Edema
Mrs. Gail R. Eisenberg *
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Marina Eisenberg
Mr. William and Mrs. Tamara Fate
Mr. David and Ms. Lisa Felice
Mr Richard and Mrs. Maureen
Fellows *
Mr. Christopher Fisher
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Pamela Flowers
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Stephania Ford
Mr. John Foren and Mrs. Teri Banas
Mrs. Linda and Dr. Edward Foster
Mr. Van and Mrs. Marci Fox
Mrs. Betty Gadaleto *
Mr. Jeffrey Garnai
Mr. Rick J and Mrs. Carrie Germain
Dr. Amit and Mrs. Rita Ghose *
Ms. Heather Gilkey
Mr. James Gillespie and Ms. Zoe
Slagle *
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Jennifer
Gillespie *

Mr. Ira and Mrs. Deborah
Ginsburg *
Dr. Barbara and Dr. C. William Given *
Dr. Theodore and Mrs. Rosemarie Glynn
Mrs. Traci Golden *
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Mary Graham *
Mr. Alton and Mrs. Janice Granger *
Mr. Brent and Mrs. Cheryl Granger
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Trish Granger *
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Lynne Granger *
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Donna Granger *
Dr. Lewis Greenberg, Ph.D.
Mr. John and Mrs. Jane
Grettenberger *
Mr. John and Mrs. Sandra
Grettenberger *
Dr. Angela and Mr. Timothy Griffin
Mrs. Deloris A. Griffin
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Deloris Griffin
Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Tina Gross *
Dr. Maude and Dr. William
Guerin *
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Joanne
Guertin *
Dr. Satish and Mrs. Usha Gupta
Dr. Subhash Gupta and Mrs. JoAnne Sorlie *
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Renee Gutzman


Herbert Halstead Trust *
Dr. Muhammad and Mrs. Mayada Hamdan
The Honorable Michael and Mrs. Debby Harrison *
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Sally Harrold *
Mr. Charles K. Hathaway
Mrs. Bonnie E. Hawkins
Dr. Jennifer N. Hawkins, D.O.
Dr. David and Ms. Kathleen Hawkins
Ms. Marion L. Heil
Mr. James and Mrs. Judi Herbert *
Dr. James and Mrs. Susan Herman *
Mr. C. Richard and Ms. Susan
Herrold *
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Shari Heydenburg
Dr. Todd Hickox and Dr. Carmen Ventocilla
Ms. Ne'sha D. Hill
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Tamara Hodge *
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Wendy Hofman
Mr. Brian C. Holland
Mrs. Patricia and Dr. John Hollenbeck
Mr. J. Christopher and Mrs. Louise Holman *
Mr. Nicholas and Ms. Micole Holton
Mrs. Carol and Dr. Ronald Horowitz *
Mr. James and Mrs. Nancy
Houthoofd *
Mr. William and Mrs. Julie Howe *
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Karen Hubbard *
Mrs. Dolores "Dee" L. Hughes *
Mr. Robert B. Hughes, C.L.U. *
Mr. James and Mrs. Margaret Iding *
Mrs. Marian and Mr. Michael Ilitch
Mrs. Marian and Mr. Michael Ilitch
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Martha
Jakubiak *
Mrs. Christine and Mr. Rick Jodoin *
Mr. Rudolph J. Johnson
Mr. Gary Jones *
Dr. John and Mrs. Prudence Jones
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Sharon Kania *
Dr. David and Dr. Laurie Kaufman *
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Rebecca Kay *
Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Karen Keck
Dr. Sharon S. Kelley *
Dr. Walid and Mrs. Vivian Khalife *
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kimberley King *
Mr. F. Michael Kluiber
Dr. Bonnie J. Knutson
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Andrea
Kosloski *
Mr. Nicholas Kozak
Mrs. Suzanne and Mr. Ronald Kregel *
Mr. David and Mrs. Cindy Kruger *
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Suzanne Lasch
Ms. Janet Lee
Ms. Cathy R. Lennon

Dr. Edward C. Liebler, D.V.M. *
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Holly Lindell
Dr. Hugh Lindsey and Mrs. Barbara Wirtz
Mr. Dylan A. Linnell
Ms. Linda Linton
Mr. David and Mrs. Laurie Lockman *
Mrs. Dee Logé-Wacker *
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Kristine Lostracco
Mr. Lance and Mrs. Karol Lynch *

Ms. Margaret A. Malovrh *
Mr. Alan Mantell
Mrs. Kathleen and Mr. Kevin Marble
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Christy Marks
Ms. Patricia J. Martens
Mr. Dave and Ms. Veronica Matejko
Ms. Billi D. Mathias *
Ms. Natalie Matthews *
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Sharon McGraw
The Honorable David and Mrs. Nancy McKeague *
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Amy McKenna *
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Catherine
McKenna *
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Victoria McPharlin *
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Nancy McRay *
Dr. Daryl and Mrs. Shelley Melvin *
Dr. John and Mrs. Kathleen Mesko
Dr. Candace and Mr. David Metcalf
Dr. Joseph and Dr. Terri Meunier *
Dr. Roger and Mrs. Mary Morris
Dr. Kenneth Morrison
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Deborah Muchmore
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Nancy Muhlbach
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Denise Murray
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Cheryl Neu
Mr. Forrest K. Neumann *
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Jane
Northrup *
Mr. George and Ms. Marilyn
Nugent *
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Pamela Ostrander *
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Candy Parker *
Mr. Kris J. Paronto
Mr. James and Mrs. Nancy Passanante *
Mrs. Nancy S. Passanante *
Ms. Cathy Pellman
Mr. David and Mrs. Le-Lieu Pham *
Mr. Eldon and Mrs. Monica Phelps
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Robin Phillips *
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Theresa Piggott
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Beth Pirich *
Dr. George and Mrs. Lisette
Poletes *
Mrs. Kelly Preston *
Mrs. Theresa and Mr. David Pruder
Dr. Mary E. Pugmire, D.O.
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Deborah Pysh *

Mr. Allan and Mrs. Letha Rahn *
Mr. Gary Rakan and Mrs. Suzy Merchant
Mr. Kirk and Mrs. Ronda Ralston *
Mr. James and Mrs. Elaine Rauschert
Mr. Larry Rawlinson and Ms. Lisa
Corless *
Mrs. Paula and Mr. Donald Reichle *
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Karen Restum *
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Michelle Reynaert *
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Amy Riekse
Mr. Ryan Robertson and Mrs. Kira Carter-Robertson *
Mr. James and Mrs. Suzanne Robinson *
Mrs. John E. Roosevelt *
Dr. Steven Roth and Dr. Valerie Levitt
Mrs. Lori Rowlison
Mr. Rocco Rucinski and Mrs. Sheri Jones
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Frances Rush
Mr. Allen F. Russell
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Pamela Ruth *
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Salisbury *
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Samsel *
Mr. Frederick and Ms. Lourdes Schaard *
Ms. Dorothy Schaeff *
Dr. James and Mrs. Monica Schafer
Mr. Robert Schikorra and Ms. Paula Chapman
Dr. Paul and Ms. Denise Schluckebier *
Dr. Martin and Mrs. Patti Schoenmaker *
Dr. Brian and Mrs. Nancy
Schroeder *
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Sandra Schulte
Mr. William Schulz
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Mary Jo Scofes *
Mr. Brent and Mrs. Kimberly Scott
Mr. Frank and Ms. Rita Seck
Mr. John and Mrs. Nancy Selby
Mr. Michael Seling
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Shoni Sharp *
Mr. Darwin and Mrs. Ann Shaver *
Mr. J. Donald and Mrs. Angela Sheets
Mr. Timothy J. Sheets
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Claudia J. Shimmin *
Mr. Patrick Shooltz
Mr. Jeffrey Simbob *
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Mary Simon *
Mr. David Slater and Ms. Julia Goatley *
Mr. Donald and Ms. JoAnna Smith
Mr. Ron and Ms. Sherry Sohn
Mr. Norm and Mrs. Julie Spalding *
Mrs. Marcia and Dr. J. Clyde Spencer *
Mr. James and Mrs. Dorothy Spousta
Dr. Gordan and Mrs. Vesna
Srkalovic *
Mr. Raynard Stanfield
Dr. Eric and Mrs. Kathleen Stockall *
Mr. Donald and Ms. Deb Stoner
Mr. Michael and Ms. Jill Story
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Kathleen
Swan *
Mrs. Joy and Mr. Steve Szilagyi *

Mr. Jeff and Ms. Laura Tagsold *
Mr. Kenny and Mrs. Kristina Tennant
Mr. Rick and Ms. Jami Thering
Mr. James and Mrs. Lynn Tripp
Mr. Nick and Mrs. Nancy Uppal *
Dr. Zeynep Ustunol and Mr. Gareth
Ross *

Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Barbara Van Dyke *
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Lanette Vanwagenen
Julia A. Villars Trust *
Dr. James and Mrs. Pamela Voltattorni *
Mr. John and Ms. Carol Voss

Mr. William Walraven and Mrs. Lisa Brewer-Walraven
Mrs. Patricia A. Walsh
Mr. Ian and Mrs. Toni Ward
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Bonnie
Warmels *
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Cynthia Watters *
Mr. Ronald Welch and Mrs. Judy Green
Mr. Jeffery and Mrs. Jody Wesley
Mrs. Raj and Mr. Richard Wiener
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Diane
Wilhite *
Dr. Randolph A. Wirth *
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Michelle Wiseman *
Dr. Jeffrey Wooldridge and Ms. Leslie Papke

Dr. David and Mrs. Jill Young

Dr. Michael Zaroukian and Mrs. Barbara Mitchell *
Ms. Janice and Mr. Jerry Zimmerman
Mrs. Rhonda and Mr. David Zimmerman
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Linda Zylstra *
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