Sparrow Annual Report Of 2016

Team Medicine

At Sparrow, we believe that good access to health care depends on a collaborative, coordinated network of Physicians, facilities, and providers across the care continuum.

Sparrow Physician

Sparrow Physicians

Sparrow Physicians are led by compassionate and caring individuals, including (shown in photo above, from left) John Kepros, M.D., Chief of Staff, Sparrow Hospital; Candace Metcalf, D.O., Chief of Staff-Elect; I. Carol Nwelue, M.D., Medical Director, Adult Hospitalists; and Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D., Chief Medical and Quality Officer.

More than 950 Physicians form the foundation of the Sparrow Health System, and their presence and performance can be felt in every aspect of the extraordinary care found at Sparrow. Our primary care and specialty care Physicians provide the expertise and commitment to excellence that guides our relentless pursuit of the latest advances in Patient-centered, evidence-based best practices to achieve national benchmark-level outcomes on a consistent and sustainable basis.

Our Physicians exemplify the very best in their respective fields, and each year are the recipients of numerous individual awards and accolades for their achievements. For example, in 2016 a Sparrow OB/GYN resident received national recognition for his research in C-section procedures, while the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Class of 2017 awarded one of our Physicians its Outstanding Resident Teaching Award in the Sparrow MSU Family Medicine Residency Program. As a group, their leadership and expertise continues to earn Sparrow’s service lines national recognition of excellence from such organizations as the Joint Commission, Society of Thoracic Surgeons, and American Heart Association.

Our Physicians are also at the heart of a new statewide clinically integrated network (CIN) of providers and health systems dedicated to delivering better health care at a lower cost while providing population health management across the state. This Physician-led, data driven approach to sharing best practices will help member organizations reduce variations in care, lower total healthcare costs, and improve the health of all the Patients and communities we serve.

Sparrow Physician

Sparrow Care Network

In 2014, Sparrow and Physician leaders initiated the creation of Sparrow Care Network (SCN), a Physician-led Clinically Integrated Organization. Through this partnership, SCN Physicians and Sparrow Health System are transforming the way we deliver healthcare to our Patients and the mid-Michigan region. Committed to delivering the highest value care, SCN addresses the IHI Triple Aim goals of:

  1. Improving the Patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction);
  2. Improving the health of populations; and
  3. Reducing the per capita cost of health care.

In 2016, SCN achieved the following as we build to deliver high quality, efficient care to everyone, every time:

    • SCN is now comprised of 655 Physicians, a 15 percent increase from prior year
    • Led the creation of a Population Health Service Organization (PHSO), which provides the infrastructure required to support population health management efforts
    • SCN reviewed and adopted numerous Population Health Best Practices, which are meant to improve quality and standardize care
    • All SCN Primary Care Physicians designated Patient-Centered Medical Homes, or pursuing the designation
    • Improved quality and the standardization of care for Patients in colorectal surgery, general surgery and orthopedics through the Hospital Quality & Efficiency Incentive Program
    • Helped guide the implementation of ACR Select, a decision support tool promoting the evidence-based use of High-Tech Imaging
    • SCN joined the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) Physician Group Incentive Program (PGIP).
    • SCN has been recognized by BCBSM as a Level 1 Organized System of Care, which results in lower copays and deductibles for BCBSM members utilizing SCN
    • Joined the Medicare Shared Saving Program (MSSP) as of 1/1/17; 75 percent of SCN Physicians have signed up to participate
    • Joined the Blue Cross Data Driven Delivery Systems (DDDS), an incentive program focused on improving coding and documentation.
    • 61 SCN PCPs were accepted into the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) Program, which will result in the continued development and expansion of patient-centric care
    • Selected COMET as an online, on-demand, Continuing Medical Education system to improve physician education and improve care

Sparrow Care Network is a unique partnership between Sparrow Health System and Physicians, both independent and employed, committed to improving the care delivered to the residents of mid-Michigan. In 2017, SCN is focused on improving Physician engagement and improving both the quality and value of the care we provide.

Sparrow Medical Group

Sparrow Medical Group

Sparrow is continually working to expand access to healthcare with more service locations close to home. Sparrow Medical Group (SMG) practices are conveniently located throughout the mid-Michigan region, with primary and specialty care Physicians bringing the Sparrow Way to an ever-growing number of communities.

In 2016 SMG opened four new practices, recruited 133 new providers, increased urgent care and walk-in growth by 4.6 percent, logged over 10,000 Fast Care visits, and saw regional primary care visits increase by 5.6 percent with more than 8,600 new Patients.

Mid Michigan Surgeons, a general surgery practice that has been highly respected for nearly 20 years, has now joined SMG General Surgery Lansing to create the most comprehensive surgical practice in the region. Most recently, a new family practice in Williamston now provides primary care and a medical home for residents of Williamston and the surrounding area. SMG now also includes Lansing Internal Medicine among its vast array of primary, obstetric and specialty practices.

Many SMG practices have earned top recognitions from such prestigious organizations as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network, including three SMG practices which received Provider Distinction Awards for quality in 2016. In September, 24 Sparrow-owned facilities earned Patient-Centered Medical Home designation in recognition of their strong performance on quality, use, and efficiency measures.

Sparrow FastCare/Urgent Care

Sparrow FastCare/Urgent Care

In 2015, Sparrow launched its first two FastCare clinics as part of a dynamic new model for convenient, affordable health care services streamlined to meet specific needs in a timely, cost-efficient manner. Their success inspired us to open two new FastCare locations in 2016, at Meijer stores in Okemos and DeWitt.

Sparrow FastCare is a revolutionary new concept in fast, local access to high quality health care, offering residents a more affordable choice for basic medical services and common, non-life-threatening conditions, with care provided by Sparrow Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.

Sparrow Urgent Care clinics provide the next level of care, when you need to see a Physician but it’s not serious enough for a hospital emergency room. Sparrow Urgent Care clinics are located throughout the mid-Michigan region, offering a network of care everywhere our Patients need it most.

Sparrow is transforming care in the mid-Michigan region by offering these and other options that make healthcare more convenient and affordable.

Award-Winning Services and Specialties

Award-Winning Services and Specialties

Good access to healthcare requires a full range of services that are readily available to meet all your medical and wellness needs.

But even the best, most comprehensive list of services is not enough without true excellence of care.

Sparrow earned an “A” for Patient safety in a recent scorecard of more than 2,500 hospitals nationwide, reflecting our commitment to quality and the needs of our Patients.

Sparrow continues to take great strides in Patient safety by investing heavily in new technology and new procedures -- electronic Patient order entry and bar code matching between Patient wristbands and prescribed medications are just two examples.

In 2016 we joined a Michigan Hospital Association collaborative of 10 Michigan hospitals working on improved Patient safety outcomes through the rigorous use of high reliability principles such as deference to expertise (listening to staff); resilience (specific training in how to respond when system failures occur); sensitivity to operations (constant awareness of all systems and processes that affect Patient care); preoccupation with failure (treating “near-misses” as symptomatic of areas in need of more attention); and a reluctance to simplify (avoiding overly simple explanations of failure). Sparrow Hospital is committed to our journey to become a High Reliability Organization with zero adverse harm events to Patients.

List of services and specialities:

Sparrow Heart and Vascular Center delivers the most comprehensive heart and vascular care in mid-Michigan, featuring state-of-the-art cath labs among our cutting edge facilities. Sparrow Heart and Vascular Center partners with the board-certified clinicians of Thoracic Cardiovascular Institute and other community Cardiologists to provide the highest quality care close to home. In 2016 Sparrow became the first hospital in Michigan to offer new treatment options such as the Amulet and the Watchman, two devices that can reduce the risk of stroke for Patients with atrial fibrillation (AFIB). Sparrow continues to be the only site for the TAVR procedures and Advanced Ablations for A-fib in the Mid-Michigan area. Sparrow Cardiologists also recently marked a milestone by completing their 50th procedure to implant a leadless pacemaker, with Sparrow one of the few hospitals nationwide with access to this technology.

Sparrow Orthopedic Services are provided by the region’s top orthopedic surgeons and specialists skilled in every aspect of diagnosis, care, and treatment of Patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Sparrow is the only hospital in mid-Michigan certified as a Center of Excellence by the Joint Commission for the highest national standards in hip and knee replacements. Sparrow is also a Blue Distinction Center+ for Knee and Hip Replacement—further demonstrating Sparrow’s proven track record for delivering better results. Sparrow also offers mid-Michigan's only "Total Joint Camp" program for total knee and hip replacement patients, providing individualized, integrated care from a skilled clinical team.

Sparrow Comprehensive Stroke Center is your best choice for lifesaving stroke treatment and recovery anywhere within the mid-Michigan region, featuring the region’s first comprehensive stroke treatment unit dedicated to ensuring stroke victims get the best and fastest care possible. We are proud to note that the Sparrow Stroke Program recently received recertification by the Joint Commission as a Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Sparrow Cancer Center is nationally accredited by such distinguished organizations as the American College of Surgeons, Quality Oncology Practice Initiative, and National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. The Multi-Disciplinary Breast Clinic is certified as a Breast Center of Excellence, thanks in part to its innovative, award-winning Breast Health Nurse Navigator program. Last January, Sparrow’s Nurse Navigator earned the inaugural Excellence in Nursing Award from Modern Healthcare, a nationally recognized leader in health care business news, research, and data. The team also works with our partners at the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

Sparrow is the region’s only Level 1 Trauma Center. Our continuous improvement projects include rapid assessment and tracking to reduce wait times; technological advances in communications, a streamlined admissions process from the ED, and a dedicated throughput approach that sees our Patients through the entire Emergency Services process with understanding, respect, and support.

As mid-Michigan’s most popular birthing center, Sparrow Mother Baby Center delivers about 4,000 babies a year, and is the region’s first and only hospital designated by the World Health Organization as Baby Friendly®. In July, Sparrow was awarded a $10,000 state grant to participate in the Birthing Hospital Project to enhance critical birthing services and work toward reducing infant mortality.

Our Bariatric and Weight Management Services have earned Sparrow continued distinction as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

Sparrow’s surgery teams are continually implementing new innovations to improve Patient outcomes. The Enhanced Recovery Program for Colorectal Surgery has reduced recovery time and improved health outcomes for Patients facing major surgery. In the past year, we have also implemented Caregiver-driven best practice research for post-anesthesia Patient Care, and new assessment methods to identify special needs among our pediatric surgical Patient population.


At Sparrow, we believe that strong partnerships strengthen the entire health system, and further our mission to transform care for the entire mid-Michigan region.

Sparrow is the only Michigan-based health system that’s part of the prestigious Mayo Clinic Care Network. This collaboration helps Sparrow Physicians provide some of the most advanced care in the nation, right here in mid-Michigan. Mayo Clinic resources, like AskMayoExpert and eConsults, complement our Physicians’ expertise and help Patients avoid unnecessary travel for specialty care.

Our formal affiliations with Michigan State University's three human health colleges have led to numerous innovations and advances in the knowledge and delivery of health care. The collaboration of Sparrow Sports Medicine and MSU Sports Medicine has led to cutting-edge treatment for local athletes while team research is continually exploring new ways to improve health outcomes and increase value.

Mary Free Bed at Sparrow is a joint venture between Sparrow Hospital and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital of Grand Rapids, offering highly specialized inpatient rehabilitative care for Patients with physically disabling conditions due to stroke, head injury, arthritis, amputation, spinal cord injury, or other musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders. The newly renovated and expanded rehabilitation unit offers 40 private Patient rooms and two state-of-the-art therapy gyms, featuring a full-size SUV to allow Patients to successfully practice getting in and out of a vehicle.

The Gathering Place

Sparrow: Growing for the Future

At Sparrow, our commitment to providing the best Patient care means providing state-of-the-art facilities that meet the ever-changing needs of our rapidly expanding region. Sparrow has invested more than $285 million in the current five-year period for new construction, renovation and technology projects that allow us to deliver the best care when and where our Patients need it most.

In March, we celebrated the start of construction of the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center within the new Plaza Building. Set to open in summer 2017, this revolutionary facility is the result of a combined philanthropic gift from James and Judith Herbert of Lansing, and James and Susan Herman of East Lansing. James Herman, M.D., is the Medical Director of the Sparrow Cancer Center. Built upon the principles of Patient- and family-centered care, the new cancer center will offer timely and convenient access to radiation, medical and surgical oncologists and a full range of clinical and family support services. In addition, the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center will play an integral role in Sparrow’s continuing relationship with the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

In July, Sparrow Hospital unveiled its dazzling new modern and upscale dining area: The Gathering Place at Sparrow. This innovative addition offers fresh, quality cuisine in an expansive area of bright, open spaces and a view along Michigan Avenue. Features include a demonstration kitchen for cooking and nutrition classes, a massive pizza oven, a protected allergen-free food service area, and a wide array of culturally diverse foods.

Sparrow Health Center Lansing opened this year in Lansing Township, an expansive new facility that has expanded access to primary care, senior health services, and diagnostic testing in one convenient location. Onsite services include three Sparrow Medical Group practices, drive-thru Pharmacy, Laboratory, Endoscopy, and Diagnostic Imaging such as CT, Ultrasound, Mammography, and MRI.

Research at Sparrow

Research at Sparrow

Sparrow has always been home to expert Physicians and Nurses who work seamlessly together with our entire Caregiving team to deliver the best medical care possible. Today’s Sparrow has also gained a national reputation for ground-breaking research and technology that is advancing the cutting-edge of medicine and medical technology.

Sparrow Clinical Research Institute (SCRI)
SCRI was formed in 2012 to expand the work of the former Thoracic & Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation, a non-profit medical research foundation founded in 1992 to conduct clinical research in cardiology, electrophysiology and cardiovascular surgery.

Today, SCRI is helping Sparrow broaden its research focus and national reputation. SCRI allows Sparrow to offer the mid-Michigan region access to investigational devices, drugs, and procedures that represent the cutting edge of medical research and technology. SCRI has allowed us to expand our research program to include more investigators and new medical specialties. We have conducted over 350 clinical trials to date.

The Sparrow/MSU Center for Innovation and Research
Sparrow is dedicated to improving outcomes for our Patients by participating in high quality clinical research that advances the body of knowledge in medicine. The Center for Innovation and Research is a major joint initiative between Sparrow and MSU that is bringing together innovators and supporting partnerships between the systems to identify problems, design new approaches, strategies, processes and technologies that address care problems and challenges.

The Center is committed to seeking new approaches to quality care and better Patient outcomes by developing research projects that improve our ability to deliver Patient-centered, evidence-based best practices.

Sparrow Carson Hospital

Sparrow Clinton HospitalSparrow Clinton Hospital

Sparrow Ionia HospitalSparrow Ionia Hospital

Sparrow PlazaSparrow Specialty Hospital

Sparrow Subsidiaries

parrow is a growing health system with two Lansing campuses; hospitals in St. Johns, Ionia, and Carson City; dozens of satellite care centers; Physicians Health Plan; Sparrow Physicians Health Network; Sparrow Medical Group; and the Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club (MAC).

Sparrow is committed to increasing access to the best Patient care by providing facilities that meet all the needs of our region. We are proud of the role our affiliate hospitals are playing in making that mission a reality.

In October, Sparrow formalized its longtime affiliation with Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital in Charlotte, an agreement which supports a collaborative regional approach to community health improvement and service experience across Eaton County. In addition, Sparrow and HGB have established a community fund of $1 million to be managed through a new entity, Eaton Community Health, to support regional health and community vitality efforts.

Sparrow Carson Hospital’s in Carson City, was named among the Most Wired small and rural hospitals in the country, along with Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, which was named among the nation’s top Most Wired Hospitals. Both were lauded for the continued success of the iSparrow electronic medical record system, as well as other significant technological advances to improve Patient care. Sparrow Carson Physical Rehabilitation has also opened a satellite clinic in Ithaca to provide accessible services to Patients in an expanded area.

Sparrow Clinton Hospital’s is recognized by the National Rural Health Association as a top 20 Critical Access Hospital, recognizing its strength in vital areas such as quality, Patient outcomes, and financial stability. The hospital provides a wide variety of diagnostic, treatment, and surgical services plus a new state-of-the-art Emergency Services Department. Sparrow Clinton Hospital President and CEO Ed Bruun was named one of the year’s top 50 critical access leaders in the nation. Its quality initiatives have earned Sparrow Clinton Pathway to Excellence®designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Sparrow Ionia Hospital has become Michigan’s first critical access hospital to be awarded LEED certification as a leader in meeting environmental and green-friendly standards. This state-of-the-art facility offers outpatient services including a Chemotherapy and Infusion Lab, General and Fluoroscopy Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, CT, Digital Mammography, Ultrasound and Bone Density, an Emergency Department with private Patient rooms, triage area, two trauma rooms, a Surgery Department with two operating rooms, administrative offices and board room, a cafeteria and a community education center.oom, a cafeteria and a community education center.

Sparrow Specialty Hospital, a 30-bed all private room facility offering long term acute care, is now located on the 8th Floor of the Sparrow Tower to improve Patient experience and offer increased access to specialty services and ancillary support such as Neurology, Orthopedics, Cardiology, and more.

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